2022 ENDORSEMENT: JUSTINE WADSACK was the very 1st candidate ever endorsed by PURPLE FOR PARENTS back in March of 2019 by founder, Forest Moriarty. Together, with other Parent’s Rights Advocates, they fought Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE), Deep Equity, Inclusion, and RedForEd unions at the school board level, while they taught parents about their rights under the ARIZONA PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS: A.R.S. 1-601 & A.R.S. 1-602.

In 2020, after Michelle Dillard took over as President, Justine was given her 2nd Endorsement, during the Covid outbreaks, masking of children, school shutdowns and student suicides. Justine held seminars and meet & greets to teach parents their rights, and encourage them to look into “school choice” options to government public schools.

In 2021, Justine asked Purple For Parents to help her support a parent at the Vail School Board Meeting of April 27th, where they held the board accountable. That night started a “Parent’s Rights Revolution”, and the video/images were seen on Dan Bongino, David J. Harris, Garret Lewis, across the Country and as far as England & Ireland. The video of that night was also sent to Virginia, where it inspired parents to stand up for their rights, and is being hailed as helping Virginia TURN RED!

Justine proudly accepts her 3rd endorsement in 2022!

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